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A website filled with 14 year-olds who's sole purpose is to brown nose their way to the staff's friend's list. As well as producing Red vs. Blue, Rooster Teeth also employs a Canadian and a bull dyke to produce very unfunny comics slathered with laugh-a-minute jokes about France and video games.

It's a well known fact that the only reason anyone would want to visit Rooster Teeth (for reasons other than being ass kissing fanbois) is to visit the Metal BAR and the Politics and Current Events forum. Unfortunately, nazi mods go ape shit about Metal BAR, and the Politics and Current Events forum is run by elitists who tolerate nothing but intelligent conversations when talking about politics (who would've thought, demanding intelligence when talking about politics).
Pedobear loves Rooster Teeth because of the amount of fourteen year-old boys willing to suck a semi-famous celebrity's cock.
by MOAR cowbell March 15, 2007
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