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2 definitions by MNMustangfreak

This is reference to John Belushi in Animal House. When he was in the middle of an inspirational speech, he asked the rhetorical question: "Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" When questioned, Otter said: "He's on a roll, just let him go".
(When someone attempts to interrupt you) "Hey, just let me finish, I'm having a 'German Pearl Harbor Moment'"
by MNMustangfreak September 13, 2009
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An annoying twitter user who feels the need to tweet and upload pics about every last aspect of his life and comes up with stupid hashtags thinking he's clever.
Tweet Post: "sitting here in windy city @somestupidcafe with @_____ & @______. Portions r huge... LOL #ruiningmydietinchicago"

Reaction upon seeing it: "What a fuckin tweet geek"
by MNMustangfreak November 09, 2009
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