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another way to express disappointment... like "damnit", "dangit", etc.
joe: the store is closed!
sally: ahh, dang it all.. what now?
by mmb July 03, 2006
"Cawga" Falls - AKA - Caucasian Falls - Home of the largest population of white trash in Ohio - outside of the Portage Lakes area of Akron. Also known for schools that suck, kids with asthma who can't breathe because of air that stinks, homes that are foreclosed on, fat beer-belly women, police on EVERY corner that do nothing, family parties in the garage, the same politicians in power for a billion years.
"Eustis - brang me another beer out here in my nice Cuyahoga Falls gay-raaash for my baby shower, dang it"
by MMB May 02, 2012

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