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A subtype of troll who thinks that making jokes about penises, trannies and other gross sexual subject matter is humourous when it actually isn't.

Also thinks that posting porn on SOMEONE ELSES's website or wiki is funny, clever and a way to improve said site.
"Diana's wiki was bombared with Pornographic content and articles regarding penis jokes and trannies."

"Ugh....Sexaholic? Those sexaholics make me sick to my stonach."
by MM132 November 16, 2012
A race of feral and bloodthirsty creatures that come from the country of Serbia, they are known for their racist behavior and their aggressive and violent tendencies.

They are practicioners in the art of black magic and can turn into Werefalcons at night, in Werefalcon form they are inhumanly agile in the air and are skilled flyers hence why most of them are considered terrorists.

Most of them are known for their bad spelling and grammar and their inability to listen to reason. They will go to any lengths to prove that they are edgy or badass or tough.

Famous examples of Serbian trolls can be found on youtube.
"He turned into a Werefalcon and pecked me."
"Must be those Serbians again."
by MM132 May 27, 2013

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