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The transformation of a human into a cartoon character or creature.

Also refers to when an internet troll stoops to just trying to make other people discover their victims and their plans start devolving and becoming more like those of a saturday morning cartoon villain.
"Did you see Magnum's latest post on EDF forums?"

"Yeah...he wants to make more people hate DrMusic in hopes of making DrMusic's real name unlikable."

"Damn....he's devolving..."

"Not just devolving....he's suffering from Toonification."
by MM132 June 09, 2012
A crappy lameass porno rip off of An American Werewolf In London made by Encyclopedia Dramatica Productions and directed by Odd Guy.

The movie features nothing but lame meme references and shit no one cares about including rape scenes involving the 'Mariana' character being forced to strip for the admins who play themselves in this movie.

Zaiger is one of the the actors in the movie and serves the title as 'The Villainous Leader' of the group, Odd Guy is the resident manipulative bastard and finally...there's Magnum, a villain so insane he makes Norman Bates seem tame by comparison.

The movie has terrible makeup and special effects and the werestallone and werejohncandy designs were made on a no-strings-at-all budget and are just some of the EDiots in badly made animatronic suits.

The fact that not a single one of the EDiots hasn't got any actual acting talent makes this movie a whole lot worse.
"Did you see the Cinema Snob's review of The Werenude?"

"I did, boy that movie sucked. Encyclopedia Dramatica is the online equilavalent to Seltzer and Friedberg."

"The movie was a direct rip off of an American Werewolf In London, and the rape scenes were disgusting."

"Magnum was the worst character of all...he's a total douchebag in the movie and also goes completely psycho near the end."
by MM132 April 03, 2012
A variation of the classic internet troll, this version takes screencaps for everything his/her victims say and do and if they have an ED or Metokur article - adds them to the article.

They do not listen to reason and ignoring em doesn't work, they just keep on doing it.
"Man...he screencapped my journals 246 times already..."

"Sounds like you got a screencap addict on your hands there..."

"A Screencap Addict?"

"Yes, a member of the internet troll family."
by MM132 June 22, 2012
A person who doesn't even realize that they're calling out people who are being trolled despite the fact they are clearly sucking up to someone who is a real troll themelves.

Dinkbot of Encyclopedia Dramatica qualifies as one of these.
"Yeesh. Talk about Trollblivious."
by MM132 March 27, 2013
A moronic troll on a troll website who doesn't even realize he/she is a failtroll themselves and call out other people on their stupidity even though they're being stupid themselves and not moving on with their lives - that is if they had any to begin with.
"Azrael is such a Werefailtroll."
"Yeah...he's continuing one with the Wereshitstain crap."
by MM132 March 27, 2013
When someone uses their email account to leave nasty insulting troll messages in your emails.
"Junco posted another hate mail."

"Does he ever quit E-Insulting you?"

by MM132 August 01, 2012
A form of online forgery in which a troll or spammer uses your email address to subscribe you to numerous sites you don't recall signing up for in the first place.

They do this to spam up the email accounts of their victims and humilate them online, often to some kind of sick fetish site or the like.
"Hey Dan...I didn't know you signed up for sissy kiss."

"What? I don't recall signing up for that site at all."

"You must have fallen victim to a case of email hackering."
by MM132 July 31, 2012

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