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Urban Dictionary is a place where people freely write definitions of words. It is also often used as an encyclopedia.
One of the great things about this is its comedic value and its ability to make you discover new hobbies or pranks and things of that nature. Let's not forget looking up your name and showing everyone how you have a huge dong.
1. lol lets write a definition of ... FART AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....

2. what the shit is an urban dictionary? lets urban dictionary it.

3. canadian slapshot... seems intersting... the guy puts his.... maple syrup... proceeds to.. oh god, thats horrible, lets try it.

4. what does my name mean? lets check it out... oh...ok....yeah, my dick is ridiculously large.....
by MM Pheonix March 26, 2013
Verb: To pay a bro back with a similar gesture with no specific deadline, whenever is most convenient.
1: When your buddy J-Bowks spots you tickets for a movie and agrees to let you pay for whenever next time you guys go to the movies.

2: When your buddy Willy Poo spots you a fatty in exchange for another whenever you happen to get one.

TD:"Fuck man I'm broke as dicks, spot me a (enter desired object/interaction here) (giggity)."

JB:"Yeah its cool man just broback me whenever."
TD:"Sweet man. Thanks dude I owe you."
JB:"Damn right you do."
by MM Pheonix May 18, 2014

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