3 definitions by MLweaponX

When a person likes someone of the opposite sex with the intentions of things going into a relationship non-existant or the intentions just being to hook-up with that person, and these normally end with many people being very confused or emotionally hurt.
That girl went to the party with the intentions of only Crusading.
by MLweaponX December 29, 2010
The State of being down in the dumps or everything is going wrong in your life and there is nothing you can do about it.
My girlfriend just broke up with me, I am in the shittz!
by MLweaponX June 16, 2011
A person that can be anwhere from extremely fat to skinny, the weight does not matter, that wastes their life by basically doing nothing all day otherwise known as being extremely lazy and careless about everything.
He spends his time sleeping and eating and no one has seen him in weeks, a true fattz.
by MLweaponX June 16, 2011

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