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MLIG stands for My life is girl.
Originating from a Facebook group this acronym is not just a world but a lifestyle.

1.Respect your fellow sisters.
2.If one woman goes to the bathroom, at least one other woman from her group must go with her.

3.If a man has the remote, a woman must always complain about what is on TV. She must complain twice as loud if she is dating or married to the man in control of the remote.

4.A Girl is not only allowed to be upset about anything a man does, she is encouraged to be upset about everything a man does.

5.It is acceptable for a woman to compliment another woman on how she looks. The word "cute" is encouraged.

6.When a woman says, "Does anyone want this last piece of pizza?" she is really saying, "Someone please eat this before I do because it will make me fat."

7.After complimenting another woman, a woman is permitted to talk bad about that woman behind her back.

8.A woman will never tell a man exactly what she is thinking.

9.Even if it is an obvious compliment, a woman may take anything a man says as an insult, especially if it will confuse the man to no end.

For example: Man: "You look really nice tonight."

Woman: "What are you saying? Are you saying that I don’t usually look nice? You think I’m fat, don’t you? I don’t even know you anymore!"

Man: "What just happened?"
Girl 1: "MLIB sucks..all they talk about is how big there "Slam" is and brosiden..they must be gay.."
Girl 2: "OMG Ikr! MLIG is so Kick ass..We know how to cook,clean,work,eat,workout,and still get sexified for Martini night at 5!
by MLIG December 30, 2010

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