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Pighut:A dumb, retarded rocker that's gay because he wears eyeliner,sucks in MK online and can't win to save his life or beat ones called MKF30, Killer B, RedSaleen and most of the MK online community.

The Least respected online player, thinks he's Eric Clapton because he plays a Guitar in a few crappy bars in a few states. He's also banned by MKO several times for his stupidity and retardness and is yet another pawn for his master JTF. He's much like Groy and Red Saleen, pawns and tools of JTF aka JTF's personal bitches like Sareena, Kia and Jatakka is to Quan-Chi. It's rather pathetic and sad.
Example of "PigHut's" stupidity are a few incidents when he MKF, killer B and everyone else owned him in MKD and MKA he cried about people being afraid of him or not giving him a million matches to miraculously beat who he can't.

He's a retarded, emo, gay rocker wanna be that wears eyeliner.

PigHut also goes by the names PigoftheHut, Piggy and Pigslut. He also sucks balls in the REAL older MK games such as MKT, UMK3, MK4 and MK2 and when he met MKF30 live in the summer of 2006. Backed down because he was a pussy and didn't want to get owned by MKF30 in MKT, so instead a great player with balls took his place named Stretch Shrimp since Pighut was a pansyass. Lifetime MKF30 owns Pighut and his little dumb pals in MK and hate him for it. They also have a hatred for MKO and the mods on there because unlike the place where pighut comes from, MKO is actually fair and logical.

He tries to be funny by making retarded sigs of people he hates, rumor has it he apparently masturbates to them after he makes them because he likes them so much.
by MKGod August 03, 2008

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