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2 definitions by MK-HIZZLE

sme;Sme's;Smeed pronounced (Shmee)
1)A moronic and/or lethargic poser or goon.2)a harmless fill in for an abusive term when authority is present.
1)"OH man check out homie lazin around, what a sme"
2)"He whipped out his piece and I was like what the (at the sight of a teacher) sme"
by MK-HIZZLE September 24, 2007
adj.-when one is impatiently awaiting an affirmative response from urbandictionary.com after 'adding' a word.
"Yo man have you added sme to UD yet"
"nah bro i'm still urbatin, it seems to take years "
by MK-HIZZLE September 24, 2007