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3 definitions by MK'chenko

A chav that lives in the sticks, but wished they came from a city (or at least somewhere with a Budgens or a fish 'n' chip shop where they can hang out)
If it wasn't for the 20mph speed limit...plus speedbumps...plus tractors...plus sheep crossing...plus OAP bus...I could've run that rural townie over much harder. Lets go back.
by MK'chenko July 06, 2006
When a bird bends down and the top of her arse crack is on show
If she bends down any further she'll flash her builder's bum
by MK'chenko July 06, 2006
A pale, fat bird who sunbathes on the beach. When she gets all sweaty from the heat she resembles a giant raw chicken fillet.
Errgh look at that sweaty chicken fillet spread out on the sand.
by MK'chenko July 06, 2006