47 definitions by MK

A noise i say wen i am bored....a sound effect
ME: Im soo bored rar
Some1 else: Yeah me too rar
by MK July 08, 2003
76,dante's inferno,log phloom (all three),tc moment on the beach,crabbing,wanting to love you for the rest of my life,knowing that i always would,monarch butterfly,+ always forever. your the best friend a girl.
i love you as everything...i'll be waiting for ever besty...
such a classic tc moment
by mk February 16, 2005
F.O.R.D. an acronym for "Fucked Over, Rebuilt Dodge"
by MK November 04, 2002
Indicating a musical phrase or performance of exceptionally high quality.
Good lord, that trumpet player is pimp ass
by mk December 02, 2003
"flikker" being the dutch word for faggot it's safe to say that "flik" means fag
by MK August 23, 2003
The act of rubbing and squeezinf the last bit of semen off on or in the womans vagina or mouth
johnny tapped the last of his seed into the girls mouth
by MK March 21, 2005
a chocolate covered cookie
hey, can u buy me some chortles
by mk March 01, 2005
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