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When a person of the opposite sex "seems" incredibly attractive, but when the person is in closer view the truth is revealed that they are a complete dog.
"Good from afar, but far from good"
by mk November 04, 2003
GameFAQS RPer who utterly owns Kite at everything.
Mythic totally incinerated whiny-ass Kite away in that war. LOL!!
by MK March 30, 2005
1.fucking or having vaginal sex (no anal no ATM MTP or DVD in p u s s y)
back in the middle ages according to religious decree it was considered sinfull to have sex any other way, (now this should be put back into practice except for oral that isnt as disturbing as some of the other shit thats been coming out now-a-days)
by MK March 21, 2005
(VERB)(type- Action)
A maneuver used during sex just before orgasm whereby a man pulls his penis out of a womans vagina moments before or seconds after he orgasms
Often used in sex with 0 contraception for desperate people who forgot the pill or rubber or both.
Often used to either prolong the pleasure as long as possible before pullout or when a man cannot last any longer and had to ditch just after making the woman orgasm
BEFORE SEX: wasnt it nice for us to spend the weekend up in the cabin honey ya it was im gunna go to the store and get a rubber so we can get down to the real reason why we're here.
(At store: Hey you got any rubbers
Old man no man sorry the old mormon family back up the street bought em all up.
Man: Damn all well thanks for my girls pills we'll be fine
During sex:MAN: Ya ya you want it you want it dont you deep inside like we always do
Woman: Are you crazy!!! i forgot the pill i told you like 100 times!
Oh sh*** honey im gunna spewge!!! No hunny stay in a bit longer im almost there
man Oh SH$&!
~man pulls out as he orgasms.
by MK March 20, 2005
Reffering to the size of a mans dick
1. small(2-3.9 fully erect)-said to be like a row boat to england hey slow and steady my ass this little peeper will get you more laughs than actual results. Not to diss but hey bubs you might wanna make sure its not an erectile disfunction or somethin first. And a little FYI did you know that a mans true penis size is actually double what sticks out. yup half of that doodly bobberactually sits inside of ya. (and they can now surgically move that extra out for ya. So what ya waitin for stop getting on the low end running patrols and take a step up and BUY that bigger boat now while you can afford it!!!
2. Medium(4-6 fully erect)- nothing wrong here. fast and the furious this midsize fits all and often delivers faster or spills its cargo faster depending where he sails and what ports he pulls into.Great for virgins!!! and girls not interested in performance or size (gen the min for girls)
3. Big(6-8 fully erect)- Good size to see on pornos makes you look like a real man often gets both good and great results. Nothing can go wrong here fits into most size compartments though not so good for virgins and great for breaking in already broken in teens. Sails into both small and large ports great for all ages (age 18+ people) have fun!!!
4. Huge(9+) what girls often fantasize about but cant fully comprehend (damn blonds, hey im blond to so dont be to upset). Its like the equivalent of a size d bra or what do they call it size E the man's gotta been combining surgery with steroids or something that thing is almost as big around as your arm girls. if you wanna have a pussy like you just had a child than go for this. These Monster tankers can sail into only the most open ports VIRGINS BE WARNED!!!
"it aint the size of the boat that counts its the motion of the ocean and how you move about it."
IT is said that the size of a mans penis aint based on how big is nose is or how skinny or fat he may be or how pointy is shows are but on the size of his palm. Yup thats right, right in a medical book which states that the palm is equal to 1% of ones total body survace and right down there on the picture of a man being divided into persentages is the mans groind with a big fat 1% right smack in the middle so if size is your thing or you just wanna compare notes all ya gotta do is check the guys palm and about 90% of the time you'll be closer than than you think.
by MK March 21, 2005
1. Often a fat chick behind the wheel of an SUV or better known as a mini-van
2. A very dangerous and lazy driver often seen cutting people off and driving others off the road while snacking on a bucket of Hungry bucket chicken and a box of donuts
Damn look at the fat chick drivin while eatin that... oh SH#*@ look the F*** out shes coming right for us! (car screeches by) damn I told you to take the down that stupid sign! (sign reads: ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!)
by MK March 20, 2005
Noun: 1. A musical error made while performing.
Origin: D.C. stands for De Capo, which translates to "From Head," in which "head" refers to the beginning of the song. D.C. al coda and D.C. al fine are musical terms where you return the beginning of the song and continue playing until either the coda a marker or the end of the song the fine. A DC al fuck up is when you fuck up your performance.
Usage: This term is best used to make note of your own error while creating the illusion that you know what you're doing.
Man, I didn't miss a note till that D.C. Al Fuck Up.
by MK April 25, 2005
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