2 definitions by MJlover20

The daughter of the homophobic republican Sarah palin. Shes a stupid whore who got pregnant and tells teenagers to be abstinent. shes a hypocrite and also a homophobe like her dumbass mother. Shes a horrible dancer who won 3rd place on Dancing with the stars because all the republicans and the tea party fucked up the votes. Shes also fat bitch!
by MJlover20 December 09, 2010
Name for the worst singer in the history of singing! She uses autotune to hid her horrible voice and sings about days of week and jeans. Shes just another whore that is famous for nothing!
I'll pull a rebecca black and record a song using autotune and get millions of dollars for havin no talent!
by MJLOVER20 March 23, 2011

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