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The alternate or "shiny" color of the pokemon charizard from the pokemon video games, even having this pokemon brings about great envy and enormous hate from other players of the game due to the black charizard being on another level badassery
This guy has such shitty pokem....MOTHER FUCKER he has a shiny charizard that lucky bastard has a god damn niggazard
by MJP2100 December 26, 2013
When a woman must give her man a mandatory blowjob for making him watch a horrible movie like twilight or any chic movie for that matter .She cannot complain during the blowjob and will be down there untill you are satisfied you wont die from boredom
"my girl made me watch twilight last"

"ow bro that musta sucked"

"yea the movie did but so did she cuz she gave me a twijob the whole movie"

by MJP2100 December 27, 2013
Anybody who is part of a religion that has jesus as the son of god and is so devoted to where it sickens those around them
Bro im tring to hookup with that cute redhead

Dude dont bother she talks bout jesus and god too damn much she s a total jesus muncher
by MJP2100 December 26, 2013
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