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"Rock out loud" used by white people with hand sign (the one with the middle finger and the ring finger go under the thumb and the index finger and pinkey are out stretched). Also said as "rolers".
"Dude ACDC is the sweetest band of all time!"
"Dude I agree most defintely"
by MJ Kip March 02, 2006
When a kid is raised by ultra-religious parents to believe that sex is bad. While the parents think they're protecting the kid, they are unknowingly "virginating" the child, making it so that the poor kid wont get any action for a long, long time. The kid will usually eventually get some, but only after 25-30 years at least.
Mother: Jimmy don't be attracted to a woman because you should be ashamed of your natural anatomy and bodily functions. And i swear if i catch u masturbating i will cut ur fucking dick off!!
Kid: Dude check out that bitch virginate that dude.
Other kid: Sad, sad story.
by MJ Kip March 14, 2006
Stuck Up Rich Faggotassmutherfucker, or surf. A term used to describe a person who is part of a rich, upper class family and thinks that they are better than ordinary people because of the certain vagina they came from. Predominantly white people, these fags think that because their PARENTS worked hard to get ahead (or because their parents were surfs too) that they have the right to have a sense of accomplishment.Go fuck yourselves.
Surf: Oh...nice Camery...well i'd best be off in my custom Porsche Carrera GT that my parents bought for me. Time to go off with my undeserved sense of accomplishment like im Kevin Federline or something.
by MJ Kip March 18, 2006
The traditional "rock hand" symbol (invented by KISS supposedly), but with a slightly homosexual twist. The sign is made by putting the middle, index, and ring fingers under the thumb of that hand. Then the end pinkeys are extended to their height. Fortunately, this signal is most often used in a mocking way to make fun of over-zealous rock fanatics. The traditoinal rock hand looks better (along with a head bang) so keep rocking.
Dude this rock show rocks! It rocks like so rockin much that i just gotta rock it with both my rockin hands, man, cuz like, its too much rock for one hand! ROCKIN! (makes said gayass symbol)
by MJ Kip March 07, 2006

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