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A phrase used when u need to take a shit:
Other phrases: Touching cloth, Turtles head, Take the kids to the pool.
Man i really need to release a chocolate hostage
by MJ January 01, 2005
A bad-ass who is a natural when it comes to rock star attitude and behavior.
Nikki Sixx
by mj August 14, 2003
1. the end product of a males penis after having sex with a woman with her period
"but mike we cant have sex unless you want to come out all COCK LOBSTER, i have my period"
by Mj March 30, 2005
An animal which kind of looks like a cross between a zebra & a horse. Extinct since the late 1800's when people moved to the area in South Africa & decided it would be fun to hunt them. Now all the quaggas are dead :(
I have a pet quagga called Larry, he lives in my garden.
by MJ March 18, 2005
Used by Michael Jackson in the hit UK show Bo Selecta
by MJ August 30, 2003
When a restaurant runs out of a certain item of food.
86 Prime Rib, someone just ordered the last one
by MJ December 23, 2004
Its the type of music that Ciara has started with Goodies.
Snoop: what is that music??
Ciara: Its crunk and b
Snoop: thats good shit
by MJ February 02, 2005

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