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2 definitions by MILKFIXER

an interactive sport where the "initiator" pushes the "planker" into a horizontal "plank-like" position. the game is finished when the "initiator" then fucks the "planker" while photographing the scenario.
did you see clarence totally pre-plank that neighborhood cat?

"pre-planking" claims the life of another suburban youth. timmy wedsworth was discovered after a fall from a fifty story building in what appears to be another "pre-planking" fatality.
by MILKFIXER May 18, 2011
plarkour is the hybrid sport of planking and parkour. plarkour occurs when someone swiftly negotiates an object or surface currently being used by a someone whom is planking. the plarkour athlete may use any means necessary to scale, step on or over, bounce off, or crush the planker during their journey.
did you see rodney pull a backflip off of that planker's face? he's sure to be sponsored soon. plarkour is the shit.
by MILKFIXER May 18, 2011