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someone who is clueless and has no idea of what so ever.
pinhead) you are such a pinhead
you're dumb buddy
you're so remedial
by MICK-DOG February 08, 2014
1.Generally white people's favorite chocolate spread 2. Cracker bait
"How to catch a white person''Nutella
a cracker I heard you like nutella, me too. Nutella
by MICK-DOG February 18, 2014
a black person who has nothing to worry about because he's black, humble, cool, and fun to hang around with where ever you go, yes he will be hated by others because of his skin color but his skin gives the advantage that other races don't and can't have. Often racist, rude, nice, privileged, powerful, and civilized sometimes has the govt. and cops on his side. The Black man
The Black man
make more money than a white guy
hate black ppl
by MICK-DOG August 18, 2014
White person with big lips and big wide nose
im breathing the black man's air now, the smell of nutella, i can smell the cops chasing me from here, mac and Cracker lips and cracker nose.
by MICK-DOG August 15, 2014
means privileged black guy
i'm black and rich,rich,wealthy,suburbs yo,PBG
by MICK-DOG February 10, 2014
Racist joke for a white guy stealing
Help that cracka stole my bike
and my nutella hellllp
by MICK-DOG June 04, 2014
Someone from african ancestry or from parts of Egypt

Who has thin lips
Ex nigga lips are thin from no water
Lips to thin need watermelon
by MICK-DOG May 27, 2014

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