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195 definitions by MICHELLE

the kind of underwear guys look sexy in!
i luv when i see a guy sagging his pants with his tommy boxers sticking out... makes me wanna give him head evern more!
by Michelle November 22, 2003
An abreviation pronounced "fag" meaning "female ass grabber".
Kevin: oh my god bob just completley had a f.a.g. moment! he just went up to jenny and grabbed that thang!
by Michelle May 21, 2005
Ugly bastards who cannot play guitar for their lives.

See Avril Lavigne
They couldn't sing their way out of a paper bag.
by Michelle July 10, 2004
Except for; With the exclusion of; other than; but
Its super cool upset for the boring parts.
by michelle February 22, 2005
a 30 pack of beers
Did u finish the rack already?
by michelle March 29, 2003
bye Uss Fuck you
by Michelle June 25, 2003
Somebody who believes that "Dom and Elijah are omgawd one twu wuv!"

They usually are very stupid people who will twist any situation, like Elijah tying his shoe, into proof that Dom and Elijah are in fact gay and together.

Dom = Dominic Monaghan, Elijah= Elijah Wood
See above
by Michelle March 14, 2004