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A city in northwestern Washington a few miles from the Canadian border, home to Western Washington University. It's the largest city north of Everett, but it keeps its "smalltown" feel with a large population of bicycle riding hippies and earthmuffins and a "whatever goes" sort of mood.

The bicyclists and pedestrians think they own the place, they will literally walk into a busy road and expect people to stop for them. Besides aging hippies, Bellingham is a haven for homeless people and meth-addicts, who rarely catch the attention of the police who are too busy passing out MIPs at college parties. The city is an interesting blend of hippies, yuppies, college students, homeless, drug-users, rednecks, white trash, Canadians and so forth.

Probably one of the easiest places to get inexpensive, quality marijuana in the pacific northwest.

The weather in Bellingham is known for being unpredictable, even for the region. It will literally go from 55 and sunny to snowing to hail to windstorm and back to sunny in an hour.

A good place to go to college, but if you want to actually do anything with your life, escape while you can. Bellingham has a way of luring people in and trapping them forever.
I just bought a dub from a bunch of Bellingham hippies. Now how the hell do I get out here?
by MGutierrez April 24, 2009

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