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A chewy, stringy piece of latcation that comes out of a girls nipple.
Ian: "Dude i was sucking on this girls titty last night and i got a mouth full of milk worms."

Lewis: "Dude thats nasty as fuck. Why'd you tell me that?"

Ian: "I don't know. I kind of liked it."

Lewis: "Fuck that."
by MGD123 June 09, 2009
When you stuff your cock and balls into a chicks asshole and blow you load inside, making some nice tasty gravy.
Last night i gave some bitch a dirty turkey. She loved the gravy.

Dude the other day I gave this chick a dirty turkey and it was hella fun. The only bad part was when I pulled out she shit on my dick.
by MGD123 June 09, 2009

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