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a game played when everyone is drunk and ready to make fools of themselves. not for the sober or any underclassmen(younger than a junior in high school).
We could play drunk charades if Jasmine and Colin weren't here.J.K.
by MG Pimpin March 23, 2009
(Pronounced fail)It is used in many of the situations that fail is used in but the user usually specifies the spelling so everyone is on same page.
"You phaylb" "P-H-A-Y-L-Silent B"
by MG Pimpin February 25, 2009
This word has multiple meanings it could be good or bad. It could be used in a nice way like "Dude you are so schtamp" (similar to cool). It can also be bad like "dude you are such a schtamp". (in this example schtamp i like vulgar word)
You are so schtamp
by MG Pimpin February 24, 2009
A game played between 2 or more people. Often a very erotic kinky game played as a way to ease sexual tention.
?: Where are you going?
??: To a cumfiesta!
?: Can I come?
??: Sure it is a Cum fiesta!!!!
by MG Pimpin March 25, 2009
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