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A penis, male genitals. Derived from weiner.
shut up or I'll punch you in the wenner
by MFn Connery February 26, 2011
Masturbating to lemonparty
"Sup dude?"
"Nothin. Thinking about getting online and busting a lemon"
by MFn Connery July 23, 2012
Having a long enough penis that you impact the cervix during intercourse.
I'm hung so well I'm bustin' cervix every time I fuck a bitch
by MFn Connery July 23, 2012
A woman who's been trained to know her place in the kitchen.
I had to dump Shelly. The sex was great, but the bitch ain't kitchen-broke.
by MFn Connery July 23, 2012
A girl you date that's kept seperate from your regular social circle. A Safeway girl is quiet and low drama. She is a fallback girlfriend for when things don't work out with the hotter girls. Similar to a secret girlfriend but generally less ugly. Usual plain, boring, and safe.

Alt: Safeway girls are good starter girlfriends. See starter girl
I really want to take Karen to Prom but she's going with Ricky so I'll just have to bring my safeway girl.
by MFn Connery July 23, 2012
A game played in an apartment consisting of hitting the ceiling with broom handles, usually played with six to ten players. The object of the game is to irritate the upstairs neighbor, often as revenge for noisy behavior such as stomping. Typically, roof brooms involves drinking beer, talking, and hammering on the ceiling for hours. Players may arrange themselves in shifts to ensure continual striking upon the ceiling.
Marc: "what's up tonight?"
Jim: "we're playing Roof Brooms at my flat tonight."
by MFn Connery May 05, 2013
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