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Travis Barker...See also: (GOD of Drums)The ultimate GOD of drums...for anyone who thinks otherwise, you are rediculous. Maybe you are the upity tigh rich SOB's that dont like the kind of music that he so amazingly dominates. the kind of people who think that his music is actually corrupting the minds of the youth. You probably havn't ever seen him play the drums...you cant say shit until you've seen it. His technique is amazing, its so fast and smooth, he should be considered an idol to all drummers he is better than...WHICH IS EVERYONE. Dont talk about his life either, you dont know him... you are probably just jealous because he is better than you. You were saying that Blink-182 broke up because of him, well you are wrong. He just did an interview with the official blink 182 fansite along with mark talking about the REAL reason that they took the indefinate hiatus. Tom even had a piece in there about the break up. you may think Travis is the biggest waste of talent ever, but I am pretty sure you are the biggest waste of OXYGEN ever!!!
Matt: Hey did you hear, Pete and Adams lives got cancelled?

Matt: There is a GOD!!
P.S. Travis Barker is the Greatest!
by MFK September 22, 2006

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