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Truly the best state in the nation.
We're the richest in terms of income.
So the next time you diss us, remember, if we seceded from the nation, we'd be the richest independent nation in the world!
We also pimp because we're in between New York City and Philadelphia. We got the beach and the mountains. The only other state that can come close is California and that's too freakin' big.
Simply said, we are the best. We're home to all the emo bands. We have the best drivers and we don't pump our gas.
We're also home of the best ivy (yes, that's Princeton). Harvard is actually second.
Despite Trenton, Camden, and Newark's bad reps, the rest of us are preppy, wealthy, and can kick your fat ass. Morris County, Somerset County, and Hunterdon County are richer than the rest of the damn country.
We're home of LAX, manymanymany Mercedes Benz, Jaguars, Beemers, and your mom.
Short Hills Mall anyone?
We're in the books, the movies, our stars are on the big screen. We're ubiquitous. Now suck it.
Yeah, don't hate. Worship us, bitch. And don't hate just 'cos you can't afford to live here.

Non New Jersey-ite: Oh, you're from New Jersey?
New Jersey-ite: Yeah, I am. Now, pump my gas.
*Non New Jersey-ite pumps the Jersey-ite's gas*
by MERREM December 28, 2005

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