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condition wherein things appear more beautiful than they are.
Michael shifted through bouts of kalopsia and utter pesimism leaving him mirred in misanthropic depression.
by Melly November 24, 2003
impure potassium, traditionaly used in making soap
by Melly September 15, 2003
1. (n) A Sex Fiend, Sex Goddess/God, Sex Queen/King. Someone with excellent Sexual skills, or Dance/pole moves.
2. (n) A Small, Sweet orange.
"She's So Good, I'd even call her a Clemintine"

"May i have another Clemintine?"
by Melly January 13, 2005
see atomic dee, or payless
by melly February 07, 2003
Although most commonly used to mean nigga or brother, alot of white kids use it to mean penis. It's actually a common slang for it in my area, So someone coudl be using it for that too.
"I am the ultimate nizzle" "dude.. do you have any idea what you just said?" "yes. I am the big penis" "... well then..."
by Melly November 12, 2004
form the mind of mimnaugh we got "borgle"
"borgle borgle borgle borgle... I have no idea what that was.. but it was siad. so there. borgle"
by Melly November 12, 2004
a whore/muffin/alchoholic drink/the reefer

bacically anything...especially megan. ZEH HOOCH


hey...hand me one of those sweet looking hooch muffins

you are such a hooch muffin.

li3k hoooch. ow3ned
by MELLY March 09, 2004
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