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Actually means "something," but is used when you don't feel like explaining.
Hey, whatcha doin'?

(clearly working on something complex and important) Nothing.
by Melanie October 21, 2003
Generally applies to fanfiction in which two males are in a relationship or together.
The best slash i've ever read was Harry/Draco.
by Melanie August 05, 2003
as in "what's up?" or "what's going on?"
Hey danielle, what's poppin?
by melanie April 03, 2004
To not be braggy and full of yourself
Everyone likes me.
by Melanie September 05, 2003
The second best Southern Cali Ska band after Sublime!!!!!!!
Slightly Stoopid kicks nalgas, Ese Loco!
by Melanie April 28, 2004
Reasonable, moderate.
A modest propasal
by Melanie November 04, 2003
A drinking Town with a College Problem. A party school. A place where the beer flows like wine, and frat boys instinctively flock to the bars and to Sal's for pizza.
"I chose Bloomsburg University because i heard it was a good party school."
by Melanie January 25, 2005

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