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Pronounced SHMOY-KEE

To give someone the 'Jew Eye' as Larry David does to people on his show Curb your Enthusiasm.

To try and make someone uncomfortable by looking at them, eye to eye, for a long time, until you are satisfied you have won the stare down.
"He loses the money, and has the nerve to give ME the shmoikey!"

My boss tried to fuck me out of overtime, but I gave him the shmoikey and he pissed himself.
by MEL ZIPCHITZ February 27, 2007
The word Galk is used to express happiness or to acknowledge
another in the know. Typically said twice, rapidly, such as "Galk Galk"
Dude, look at those tits, GALK GALK!
When I opened my front door I found Chuck standing there saying Galk Galk!
Miss Santia gave Steve 3 points, Galk Galk!
by MEL ZIPCHITZ February 27, 2007

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