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769 definitions by ME

The hottest, most sexiest character ever created for TV... thatk u Joss Whedon.

Did I mention this hotty is a vampire... with a soul.... that he earned... unlike bloddy stupid angel whose hair ges straight up... and therefore deserved to shanshu instead of Angel... who I might add was CURSED with his soul... can LOSE it if he sleeps with his true love... and was an asshole before he was turned.
But I want you to know I did save you. Not when it counted, of course, but ... after that. Every night after that. I'd see it all again ... do something different. Faster or more clever, you know? Dozens of times, lots of different ways ... (softly) Every night I save you.
by me April 26, 2004
A member of the female college demographic,known best for:
1. Showing off her tits in exchanged for cheap plastic beads while in New Orleans.
2. Going to parties with the intent of getting drunk, and then asking guys to count the hairs on her landing strip.
3. Having a sexual appetite that rivals their inability to hold their liquor.
4. Coming to college a sober virgin, leaving it a drunken slut
man, that college co-ed couldnt keep her hands off me. I bet she could suck the chrome off a cadillac bumper!!!
by Me February 26, 2003
some shrub Africans get high off
let's chew some qat and play Scrabble
by me September 07, 2003
i'm gonna be one of the people who say sum 41 sucks!


ok sum 41 is just a band that sucks
ya that's all i have to say
Mark: Hey, man, I just got the new Sum 41 CD it's awesome!

Me: takes the CD and throws it out the window
by me July 17, 2004
A racial slur for a Jewish person. Originates from the word 'keikl', in Yiddish, which means 'circle', the reason being that the first Jewish immigrants in America, who were unable to sign their names, signed with a circle instead of a cross.
yeahhhhhhhhh. thats a kike.
by me May 16, 2005
A huge fucking idiot, a tool, a moron
Hey, dude, stop being a fuckstick, or I will dickslap you
by Me June 26, 2004
great 60's band. their songs are really catchy, too.
beatles songs: love me do, lucy in the sky with diamonds, eleanor rigby, yesterday, hey jude, and LOTS more.
by me June 08, 2004