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769 definitions by ME

SEX....to do the nasty
by ME May 15, 2003
369 112
First person to die in every movie, usually in the first 5 minutes
Jefferson is dead!
by Me February 20, 2003
411 154
a guy who you care a lot about (and who cares about you an equal amount) in which you are in a relationship with. Good ones are very hard to find...
girl - "i care about you a lot."
boy - "i care about you a lot, too. I'm glad we're together."
by me December 22, 2003
466 217
One of the best damn gangster movies of all time
Let watch goodfellas
by me July 24, 2003
276 42
kickass city; home of the LSU tigers and beautiful women
Dude lets go to Baton Rouge and hit up some ladies.
by me March 25, 2005
489 259
E., extacy
i rolled so hard last night
by me January 27, 2003
304 79
A great insult used by Donnie Darko. At the dinner table with his family directed twords his little sister
Donnie~ Your such a fuckass Elizabeth
Elizabeth~ Did you just call me a fuckass? You can go suck a fuck.
Donnie~ Oh please, tell me Elizabeth, How exactly does one suck a fuck?
by Me December 21, 2004
421 200