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Karl Marx's political platform, outlining his beliefs about Communism.
Stalin did not agree with many of the principals in the Communist Manifesto, so he made his own up.
by Me January 14, 2004
A book. But not just any book, this book is my god.
\"Oh no, not again.\"
by Me April 26, 2005
4 words. From Skin to Liquid.
Cannibal Corpse has an insane amount of talent and has really dreary sounding slow shit that kicks major quantities of ass.
by Me February 05, 2005
1) A unusable Compact Disc which failed during a "burn" process, its only use is now a COASTER

2) A witty and highly attractive person
by Me October 28, 2002
a good movie! its pretty much about kids that like violence sex and drugs....what a inspirational movie....
it has great music in it
by ME August 03, 2004
A seemingly sacred word. Only discussed amongst those who have experienced it. Any mention of it around a non-Kairos person will provoke hysteria from some.
"Hey how cool is that how on Kairos you..."
"Alright, alright, calm your religious ass down."
by me January 29, 2005
A shop where little teeny-boppers shop with overpriced, too slutty even for Christina Aguilera clothes. Also considered the Hot Topic of Australia due to its abundance of "punk/rock chick looking clothing" (hahahaha) and it always being occupied by Good Charlotte fans.
Example 1.
Little Wannabe: " OMG theres Supre, WE HAVE TO GO IN THERE. Won't this top make me look so sexy?"
Other Little Wannabe: " Oh yeh totally."
Example 2.
GC Fan: Man, i'm so punk, oh look here's a 30 dollar t shirt with a "clever" saying on it, LETS LIKE TOTALLY BUY IT."
by Me May 11, 2004

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