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The dildo my girlfriend uses wen she cums on my face i like 2 lick it and suck the dildo it has my name on it
uh uh uh uh uh i luv this 100 foot dildo baby uh uh uh eat my cum o yea aaaaahhh uhuhuh
by me April 25, 2005
what im doing right now
i miss him sooooooo much
by me April 29, 2005
"Obliviously on he sails, with marks not quite as good as Quail's"
-Calvin Trillin
look up some quotes of Quail's, you'll find them pretty entertaining
by me March 31, 2005
TO GET DRUNK!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO (a shitty code name for drunk.....)
dude i want to knurd tonight so badly
by me February 14, 2003
more than one anyway
anyways is what i said when there was more than one anyway.
by me November 27, 2003
a boy band that i used to love before i got smart and started listening to green day
i cant believe how much they sucked- they seemed so much better when i was in second grade
by me February 28, 2005
Mormons are the only true religion. Our church's foundation is on Jesus christ, familys, forgivness, and eternal life! The book of mormon...thats not just somemade up book, in the restore gosepel, another testament of Jesue Christ. I am mormon and im ridiculed for my religion ALL THE TIME, but the people who ridicule me only do it because they HEARD THATS WHAT WE BELIEVE OR SOMEONE TOLD THEM THATS WHAT WE BELIEVE...well guess what? it isnt true!!,and say all this stuff like we think we can become our own gods , and joseph smith, commited sexual crimes w/ teenagers?!
I dont know where u got that information from, but your be lied to!!
The truest of the true religions!
by me March 26, 2005

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