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I actually think this is the way that I have spelt this word since I learnt to write and I have not, until now, been corrected.

So what does this tell us about the British Education System? Well, that it is run by a load of geniouses (shouldnt that be genii?! ahhh who cares!).

Anyway, seeing as this word isn't defined in the Oxford Dictionary I have turned to Urban instead.

Genious is the term used to describe Katie and Ellie and all their wonderful words such as ponchomania, wicca wicca blazin squad, elemayoand sore throat.
Those two are utter geniousness personified!
by me December 24, 2004
The dildo my girlfriend uses wen she cums on my face i like 2 lick it and suck the dildo it has my name on it
uh uh uh uh uh i luv this 100 foot dildo baby uh uh uh eat my cum o yea aaaaahhh uhuhuh
by me April 25, 2005
what im doing right now
i miss him sooooooo much
by me April 29, 2005
"Obliviously on he sails, with marks not quite as good as Quail's"
-Calvin Trillin
look up some quotes of Quail's, you'll find them pretty entertaining
by me March 31, 2005
TO GET DRUNK!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO (a shitty code name for drunk.....)
dude i want to knurd tonight so badly
by me February 14, 2003
more than one anyway
anyways is what i said when there was more than one anyway.
by me November 27, 2003
Ignorant town of spoiled, ridiculously ridiculous idiots. Town's biggest heros=Paul Revere and that guy who won survivor.
Textbook- birthplace of American liberty
In reality- birthplace of a bunch of stupid bitchy people who will never do anything good for this world except for die.
by me May 23, 2005

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