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Perfect state of humanity where if you want something, take it; Every man for himself, no taxes, nobody tells you what to do; Iraq
mob rule
by me April 18, 2003
Sum 41 is one of the best bands ever
For anyone who doesnt no why they're called sum 41, its because they formed the band 41 days into the summer
by me August 19, 2004
mwah to put your ghetto lips on my ghetto lips
I kissed his lips unril they fell off
by me July 19, 2002
Deist: "it stands to reason that if we just make it all up as we go along then we can own niggers and institute tyranny more easily"
Thomas Paine was a cocksucking faggot.
by me March 21, 2005
I'm fucking sick of everyone labeling us with stereotypical remarks. It fucking pisses me off. Why is there racism? All of this Fuckin labels and racial hatred pisses me off. The Media potrays us totally wrong. These gay ass racist bastards will get their asses kicked if they keep running their mouths.
Faggot: Hey look it's an Arab!!
Me: You've just gone an made the biggest mistake of your life
(Beat the living crap out of him)
Me: Next time you better watch your fuckin mouth faggot.
by Me April 06, 2005
The dude who goes woooooooo woooooooo while detaling buses for Wheels in Cali.
Bubb Rubb works for Wheels bus company in Liverhell.........
by me July 26, 2003
Short for Insane Clown Posse. A lot of people really hate them, mainly due to biased and arbitrary reasoning. Take my work for it, if you listen to their cd 'The Great Milenko' while smoking some chronic ass bud then you'll fall in love. That cd is so fucking trippy, it's crazy; but make sure it's that cd, 'cause all the other ones are just plain rap.
Yo, Dave was listening to ICP in his car when we went to go comp and holy shit that's some crazy ass music!
by ME January 23, 2005
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