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(n.) TV reality show that first aired in the summer of 2000. Has gay contestants/winners such as Richard Hatch. Obviously this show isn't getting as much attention anymore now that it's on its 5th or 6th season. Only rich golf playing fur coat wearing losers care about it now.
Survivor used to be good, now it sucks.
by Me September 28, 2003
yet another word for penis.
girls love big residents.
by Me March 12, 2003
The most awesome Ragnarok Online guild on chaos server, with the sweetest members in the world.
OMG I was beaten by Maelstrom!!
by Me July 30, 2004
The Greatest band ever
sum41 is the best band ever
by me August 18, 2004
an absolute dump next to the Tay, populated by total minks and, in contrast, rich young people at DHS.
dundee.... im never coming back once i get to uni.
you live in dundee? unlucky.
by me February 07, 2004
WTF as in what the fuck are you talking about?
WTF is tustY
by me December 05, 2003
When a guy jerks another guys off.
Dude, I got home and saw my roommate Alex watching gay porn with Brian and they were friggen each other! I moved the next day.
#wanker #frigger #masturbating #gay #jerk off
by me December 28, 2005
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