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See Cajun.

A bunch of French-Canadian people who decided to go live in the swamps of Louisiana and put too much spice on their food.
Those Acadians know how to party!
by Me August 16, 2003
The incorrect way of spelling ijit, as popularized on this website by kayla and kasey.
Kayla and Kasey: you're an idgit!
Me:Don't you mean ijit.
Kayla and Kasey: Aaaaargh!
by Me March 16, 2005
1. An award given out to musicians of all different types of music that have done great things in the music inductry.
2. A special on CBS every year where people do performances.
1. How some people win grammys is and will alwas be a mystery.
2. Did you see the performances at the Grammys? It was amazing. Well J-lo's was fake but besides that...
by Me February 26, 2005
pretending to be something your not
jamie kennedy is ostentatious
by me December 01, 2004
1] something to say to one after one sneezes, as reassurance that they haven't made an ass of themself
2] description of an attractive male (or female)
1] "(insert sneeze here)" "you're so good lookin!"
2] "how does he do it? he's just so good lookin!"
by me December 11, 2004
a dildo that is kept in a sock inbetween uses
Jane took out her sock puppet and used it to pleasure herself in ways her boyfriend's cock cant
by me February 07, 2005
ok i'm sure that some liberals are pot smoking hippies but if all pot smoking hippies were liberals that would mean hyde would also be one along with all of the other people on that 70's show (dont worry, i know that this show is ficticious) however i am a liberal also and i do not worship john kerry or any other politician for that matter you people are really stupid if you think that we do it seems more like the conservatives worship bush and his family. so i guess you think we are hippies because we give a thought to the environment hmmm riiite yea we suck so much because we dont want everyone to painfully die from the suns rays. not
conservatives suck yes they do
by me February 23, 2005

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