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music television, yet they never play music
music televison....all i hear on it is rap, thats not music
by me August 17, 2004
One's sex slave, bitch, etc
ie someone's bitch in prison
by me November 22, 2002
When a person, usually a male, calls out to, follows, etc. a female to get her number or take her home to bang her.
Male: "HEY MA!"
*Girl walks on*
by me August 30, 2004
A Southern and Midwestern slang word used to express excitement or distainment without using profanity.
That was fricking great (excitement)
That was fricking sick (distainment)
by me June 21, 2004
Karl Marx's political platform, outlining his beliefs about Communism.
Stalin did not agree with many of the principals in the Communist Manifesto, so he made his own up.
by Me January 14, 2004
A book. But not just any book, this book is my god.
\"Oh no, not again.\"
by Me April 26, 2005
i'm gonna be one of the people who say sum 41 sucks!


ok sum 41 is just a band that sucks
ya that's all i have to say
Mark: Hey, man, I just got the new Sum 41 CD it's awesome!

Me: takes the CD and throws it out the window
by me July 17, 2004

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