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When you wake up and feel engergized but as soon as you enter the work place, a wave of exhaustion runs over you and you have trouble staying awake for the rest of your work day. Amazingly, once you leave the hellish work atmosphere, you suddenly feel energized and ready to run a marathon.
As soon as I sat down at my desk this morning, cubicle coma came over me and I immediately passed out. An IV coffee drip could not pull me out of it but as soon as I walked out to go home, I felt like I could do an iron man.
by MDermy August 20, 2010
Common bathroom occurrence amongst females. When you are getting ready to urinate and there is someone that unexpectedly goes into the stall next to you. You clench up your nether regions to stop a possible loud tuft of air from escaping.
I had to pee soooooo bad earlier! Jasmine walked into the stall next to me right before the grand release and I had to do a coochie clench so I would not embarass myself.
by MDermy August 23, 2010

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