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A very cool book set in the 70s about a teenage girl at Boarding School who begins to think the new girl is a vampire.It sounds crap,but it isn't.
It has hot vampires,lesbian sex,murder,suicide,more sex,arson and a great ending. Read it now!
Reading The Moth Diaries.
"Woah,vampire sex!"
by MCRmy June 12, 2006
Fiction written by fans or a genre,includes:
The Music fanfiction is by far the most varied,last time I checked there were 1460 pieces of fanfiction written about a single band.And that's just ONE band on ONe website.That band was My Chemical Romance.About 90% of fan-fic about MCR is just sex really (usually Gerard Way/Bert Mccracken ,Gerard Way/Frank,or,nastily,Gerard Way/Mikey Way).The rest are stories about the band menbers being vamires which are preety funny. But most of it is just really,really,sick. Take a sick-bag.
Weird Person:"Gerard Way is so doing Bert from The Used.They are SO butt-buddies.
Real MCR fan:Yeah.Whatever.
Weird Person:Wanna read my fanfiction I wrote about Gerard getting Butt-raped by Bert,then Frack,then me,then Bert again then his own brother?
Real MCR fan:uhh...OKay
~Reads it~
~Barfs everywhere~
~Punches Weird Person out~
~Barfs everywhere~
by MCRmy June 06, 2006

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