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Two Detectives that solve the most difficult,complex and intense mysteries.
BBB-Tyler Tinkle Penis
TTT- What is it Bobby Bubble Butt
BBB-I just got word that 14 highschool kids were found murdered with a dildo!
TTT- I will get to the bottom of this!
Mrs. Poopems- I'm scared! what if something happens to me?!
Officer Nasty-Don't worry its safe, Tyler Tinkle Penis and Bobby Bubble Butt are on the case!
by MCR182 February 12, 2013
A magician the comes to adult parties and uses semen in their magic tricks.
Brittney-hey what are you doing for your bachalorette party?
Kassandrea- I'm having a semen magician come over
Brittney-oooo I can't wait I'm horny just thinking about it!
by MCR182 February 12, 2013
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