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General defintion for anything awesome. Used by burnt out metal kids.
"Dude that show was fucken dudemetal"
by MCD NIGGAZ March 09, 2005
something you say to your mom when you're pissed so you don't get in trouble for cursing.
mom - get to bed
youngin - im playing a game you sogwa mothafagwa!
by MCD NIGGAZ November 22, 2004
When you're not sure if something is phat, or tight.
Bling Bling "Damn nigga thats phat"
Gold Tooth "No nigga thats tight!"
Bling Bling + Gold Tooth "It's Phatty Tight!"
by MCD NIGGAZ March 09, 2005
(pee on her boobs-able)
means you want to titty fuck a bitch.
eckman "That girls pretty."
dudop "Pretty?"
eckman "Pretty peeonherboobsable."
crazy jessie "Oh shnap!"
by MCD NIGGAZ November 22, 2004
When a motha didn't want a baby, but he was born anyways.
"I didn't want the baby but he was still born."
by MCD NIGGAZ February 13, 2005
a bitch with some junk in the trunk but no cows in her sweater
"bitch had some tiggle bitties, so i had to hit it from the back"
"word? well, doggy stahl aint dat bad anyways"
by MCD NIGGAZ November 22, 2004
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