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The bloods are a street gang originated in California. They Fly Red Flags. They are rivals with the Crips. They Fly blue flags. Bloods are the hardest gang out their, and will fuck a crip up anyday.

If it's blue, it aint true.
"Pull the knife, stab that crip. Whatch dat nigga as his blue blood drips....Bloods run to street, all day an night, fuck up dem crips in a fuckin street fight......Pull'd back, cock , loaded, another crip down fallin to da ground. Crips bleedin', screamin, will be the only sound, Nigga da bloodz own dis fuckin town." - Bloodz Up, Crips Down.
(Kill dem Crabz)

Written by yourz truely, MC-Killa
by MC-Killa August 18, 2007

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