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1 definition by MC VagHamer

Abbreviation for a sexual act in which the end result gives a woman a urinary tract infection. The act is done by; first very aggressively hammering away at a filthy unwashed vagina, followed by non lubed anal sex, After which the male deposits load directly onto partners vaginal lips with contact from penis to lips. This is most effectively done multiple times in a day, each time the woman offering up a fake orgasm, yet asking for more. Can also be done with a vibrator or a dildo.

Often results in difficulty sitting or wearing panties, but they always come back for more.
Sherry loves the UTI, proof that I am a good lover.

She's got the UTI again, can't sit still.

I gave her so much UTI she needs meds, cranberry and she can't wear panties for a month.
by MC VagHamer March 04, 2010