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A "relationtrip" is a fleeting romantic or passionate attachment that occurs specifically during a trip. This can technically be on vacation, but more commonly occurs during summer camp or missions trips. The aforementioned "relationtrips" last typically no more than 3 days after the end of said event. They can most often times be filed under "worst ideas ever".
A boy and a girl will create a "relationtrip" when they meet on the bus/plane on the way to summer camp or at camp itself. They will "date" (see; hold hands/maybe kiss) until the drive home and break up... if not sooner.
by MC Thermos April 06, 2009
Someone so old school Riverside, California that they have lived through both area codes, 909 and 951.
Also a reference to a new school "bro". A reference to basically every guy in Riverside, as distinguished by wearing sleeveless black jerseys, black skater hats, black shorts, lifted trucks with a grenade sticker on it.
That Bro is so "90951", he just got another grenade tattoo on his hand.
by MC Thermos April 14, 2009
Something that is "freemium" is a premium or professional product that is offered for free. This can also be a service, such as a car wash.
Their website is offering a "freemium" blog theme as a promotion this weekend, which is great as they typically charge $20 for premium themes.
by MC Thermos April 14, 2009
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