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In quizbowl, it is used to refer to an incorrect early buzz on a tossup. This term comes from the fact that usually one receives a -5 (negative five) point penalty for an incorrect answer when one buzzes in before a tossup has been completely read. However, this term is stilled used when playing on formats in which there is no early buzz penalty. If you hear the entire question, however, you simply "get it wrong" and thus did not commit the sin of negging.
At 2006 PACE NSC (which has no point penalties):
me: "Yeah get this, I negged on that tossup on the movie Munich early on in the question, and said Team America World Police instead."

teammate: "Wtf? How did that happen?"

me: "Well, they mentioned a ferris wheel blowing up in the beginning and something about a montage, and since Montage is an often-used Trey Parker/Matt Stone song, why not buzz?"
by MC PM August 12, 2006
A gay porn star who raps on the side (hence the "sexy voice" as some have mentioned). Got signed because he was shot and, unlike Curtis Jackson, was actually born and raised in Jamaican Queens. Lacks variety in his monotone, canned rhymes. Even his beef tracks put you to sleep. Has a *very* original rap name (I doubt he had Lloyd's of London in mind since Christopher Lloyd is his real name). If you don't want to listen to some mainstream G-Unit toy soldier bitches, cop some Nas, Rakim, Gangstarr, Canibus, and Geto Boys.
PS for definition #4: it's ridiculous, not rediculous ;-)
R. Kelly should come out with another addition to the "Trapped in the Closet" series and do a collabo with Lloyd Banks, though the video would have to be some hard core x-rated porn shit, what with Banks' gay sex and R. Kelly's feces.

I like 50 Cent
He reminds me Spongebob
And Tony Yayo is Blues Clues
And Lloyd Banks is Dora the Explorer
They're my friends
by MC PM April 02, 2006
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