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A great sinister trick to pull on that special someone. First, position her on all fours in the middle of a large room or any other open area in her house. Proceed to bang away for a little bit so she doesn't get wise to your game. Then, when the time is right, you carefully reach back and grab that perfectly hidden can of open paint you stashed beforehand. Place it directly on the center of her back and pull out. Finish her off by jerking one off in her eye and sit back and watch her squirm as she tries to figure out how the hell to get up with out spilling the can of paint. Put on your clothes and proudly go home knowing you may have failed shop class in high school, but tonight you made the perfect end table.
The above is the example
by MC Menses December 02, 2004
Tell a girl it's your fantasy to lay pipe from behind with her tits pressed up against a window. During the magic act, grab a handful of hair and force her nose into the glass, keeping her head straight and her face gazing stupidly out the window. Tell her you're gonna finish off balls deep in her ass and pull out giving her a brisk slap on the ass. Now instead of you putting your dick in her ass, have your buddy who was on stand by, jerking off in a dark corner of the room, violate her rubber cheerio and take your place. Then walk outside in front of the window and wave to her. How could one not be impressed by this magic trick?
Named after the famous (and very gay) magicians who perform magic tricks in Vegas.
by MC Menses December 02, 2004
While fucking your girl doggie style, you suddenly pull out for no apparent reason. When she turns around for an explanation, she notices you've jumped off the bed onto a skateboard, holding the mighty dildo-harpoon in hand, cocked and ready to spear her in the ass. You pursue her as she runs out of the house and down the street while yelling, "You're not getting away from me this time, White Whale!"
The above definition is an example
by MC Menses December 02, 2004
Something your Sister gives you before your parents get home from work.
Named after the infamous after school specials your parents used as a babysitter
by MC Menses December 02, 2004

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