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3 definitions by MC Menendez

The side boob fat of a large woman wearing a bra that forces the lat fat to hang like a tit
Girl 1: Whats going on with that girls side?
Girl 2: Dont you know overwieght girls have sideboob saddle bags?
Girl 1: Oh yeah I forgot
by MC Menendez July 27, 2010
3 2
An insult that refers to someone being a cum stain of a skank.
Homeboy 1: You aint my boy no more.
Homeboy 2: Screw you scain on ur mama's bed
by MC Menendez July 28, 2010
2 2
Kickin' It Like Legs= K.I.L.L.
Dude 1: What are going to do tonight?
Dude 2: Kill n like a villian
by MC Menendez July 28, 2010
2 4