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5 definitions by MC Johnny P

The act of accidently dialing a phone number on your cell when it hits against something on your belt or in your pocket. The party on the other end gets treated to 5 minutes of you yammering away, often talking about them behind their back...can be very embarrassing.
I did a ghost dial on susie last night and she caught me telling all my bros about banging her the night before.
by MC Johnny P November 28, 2007
the act of stealing, kyping, appropriating and/or liberating unattended drinks at a bar.
I went bar fishing at that new club last night; I stayed all night and didn't spend a dime!
by MC Johnny P April 05, 2009
The sexy bumps on the spine of an attractive female, indicating no excess body fat and good postutre. Derived from "dinosaur back".
Check out the dinoback on that hottie.
by MC Johnny P September 09, 2009
The annoying few moments in a sub-par restaurant where a pimple faced and/or ESL food runner stands next to your table asking "who had the <insert entree here>"
I had to endure a 5 minute food auction at Molly's dinner party last night at Appleby's
by MC Johnny P August 21, 2012
"Green Blinking Lights" - synonym for network connectivity, named for the green blinking lights on routers, switches, NICs and other devices. When you have GBL, it's a good thing.
Woohooo, plugged in my new wifi router and got instant GBL.
by MC Johnny P August 18, 2011