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Breasts which display bologna-like properties. The said breasts may be male or female.
Man I'd like to stick those bologna tits between to slabs of bread with some mothafuckin' mayo.
by mc hammer December 03, 2003
an incredibly annoying series of texts that either

a) could have been condensed in a single text
b) are closely timed and repetitive
God Damn it. I gave Debby my phone number and now she has been hammertexting me for the last hour asking where I am. Avoiding Debby, that's where.
by MC hammer February 20, 2012
Very Very cool or Extremely Awesome
That movie was word diggity, man!
by MC Hammer July 21, 2004
when a guy and girl are dancing and the guy puts his woody in the girls ass
He got a disco Inferno going with that girl
by mc hammer March 15, 2005
A want to be "gook" or Vietnamese. Like a want to be Gangster would be tagged with the term "wangsta"
"GOLLY JEEPERS, look at that wook... he should just cut himself for fraggin' my Pa in 'nam."
by MC Hammer July 06, 2003
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