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adj; noun

1. Products that are often not new, but could be in first class condition and/or that have been returned opened but not damaged. Usually on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

3. A girl that's not new and fresh, but neither is she damaged goods.
1. Damn dude, check out the deals I can score on this b stock merch.

2. Sometimes you just gotta pick up a girl off the b stock shelf.
by MC Greater Than March 16, 2006
1. The spanish dollar, manufactured in Mexico and Bolivia, made from silver from the spanish empire. The 'eight' refers to the number of pieces into which each coin could be cut in order to give change. The pirate connotation comes from the plundering of said pieces on the spanish main.

2. A songfight entry by rilla dope, the foremost pirate rap artists
We're headed for the silver train mate, where we be findin a load of pieces of eight.
by MC Greater Than October 12, 2005
A member of the southwest rap group rilla dope and formerly known as MC Ducats n' Buckets. Raps characterized by old school beats, MC GT revives the art for a new generation.
MC Greater Than just came out with this new jive called Over and Done.
by MC Greater Than August 29, 2005
Noun; 'rIm-&-t&-"t

One who sells rhymes illegally or in non-rhyme sanctioned zones. See also prostitute and emcee.
1. Move along son, don't make me bust you for salacious rhymitution.

2. This is a rhymitute free zone as ordered by city ordinance 563-2.
by MC Greater Than December 30, 2005
noun. 'gär-bij 'f&ngk

1. One of many urban rap styles originally pioneered by rilla dope, characterized by the use of simple and often classic synths, combined using haphazard methods, to create music both random and truly organic.

2. To flow lyrically around, rather than on, a particular beat.
1) The garbage funk explosion of 2005 was fueled by a healthy respect for those that came before.

2) Lemme try that rhyme garbage funk style.
by MC Greater Than January 23, 2006
1. An overwhelmingly truthful statement

2. Any of a greater set of truths, compiled into a list or other document.
1. "The sky shines a crystal blue this morn." said John "That's a truthitude my friend." responsed Tom

2. We hold these truthitudes to be self evident...
by MC Greater Than January 25, 2006
1. A genre of rap music pioneered by the artist DJWishUWur and his compatriots of the group rilla dope. Dumpcore utilizes the power of the bowels to evoke a sense of texture and enhance the imagery of the rhyme.
Damn, Sam, that new track 'Wish on My Ass', is straight up dumpcore.
by MC Greater Than January 03, 2006
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